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Kofi Fosu Forson: At a Loft Party in Soho, I Stare at David Hockney Painting

Russian bath house, sophisticated women bathe men, egg yolk and waterBlack Elvis holds court at a country club playing guitar, country bluesWhere would he call home, Washington Square or streets of Nashville?At night he dreams of Las Vegas, classical Mona Lisa and her muse MatteoDance to Joy Division. Sweat seeps into her skin as sheContinue reading “Kofi Fosu Forson: At a Loft Party in Soho, I Stare at David Hockney Painting”

Mike Sweeney: Tortoise Maze

Mike Sweeney  Mike Sweeney’s M.F.A. (1990) from the University of Connecticut began a core interest in social engagement and bridges between visual and textual literacy. His 2019 interview in LandEscape Now! 10th edition was bookended by duo and solo exhibitions at the Hartford Public Library ArtWalk and the Pegasus Gallery at MXCC. In 2020 andContinue reading “Mike Sweeney: Tortoise Maze”

Emily J Helen: Why I stopped meditating and started screaming

Something switched within melike enlightenment.The avocados weren’t ripe,I had been laughing for too long,lips usually lotus flowerscracked from chewing discontentment.Writing became gravestone etching:mourning the dead.As bitter as burnt jasmine,three of swords wielded upright,my mouth chiselled itselfinto a machete; I stabbedthe closest hearts in the radius. Emily J Helen Emily J Helen is an English LiteratureContinue reading “Emily J Helen: Why I stopped meditating and started screaming”