‘Someone’s rhythm sneaking in again. Sharing a language. The osmosis of rubbing up. Communing.’ (Kathleen Fraser)

Latest Writing

Katherine Collins: The Bacchant Woman is a Painting

Bunches of grapes for earrings bunched up bedsheets twistedclenched in a bunch of knuckles sore like haemorrhoids shamefulbunch of grapes (an awkward side effect of pregnancy) wobblyglobules, droplets from each lobe make blotches on her nakedbreasts with nipples painted over is that modest, women, allbut cover faces if hers is covered it’s with arches archedContinue reading “Katherine Collins: The Bacchant Woman is a Painting”

Dan Power: from the Oulipo Puzzle Book

Dan Power Dan Power is a poet and editor of Trickhouse Press. His most recent collections include late morning (Broken Sleep/Legitimate Snack, 2022) and the surreal post-internet adventure SELECTED DREAMS (Steel Incisors, 2021), as well as pamphlets with If A Leaf Falls and Spam Press. The first issue of ‘The Oulipo Puzzle Book’ is out from Trickhouse Press in SpringContinue reading “Dan Power: from the Oulipo Puzzle Book”

James Gale: A Field

The flat is dark and grimy. Your room receives no sunlight. The sky is dank and lowand murk and it grinds to a halt because everything grinds to a halt. It is impossiblethat anything could have ever been anything other than this, or will ever be anythingelse. You can see for miles across the field,Continue reading “James Gale: A Field”