‘Someone’s rhythm sneaking in again. Sharing a language. The osmosis of rubbing up. Communing.’ (Kathleen Fraser)

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Russell Willis: Leaf 179 from a Gradual, N. France, ca. 1550

Russell Willis Russell Willis won the Sapphire Prize in Poetry in the 2022 Jewels in the Queen’s Crown Contest (Sweetycat Press) and has published poetry in thirty online and print journals and twenty print anthologies. Russell grew up in and around Texas and was vocationally scattered as an engineer, ethicist, college/university teacher and administrator, andContinue reading “Russell Willis: Leaf 179 from a Gradual, N. France, ca. 1550”

S.C. Flynn: Phase Change

Somehow I always know when it starts;when the locusts have reached the point of swarmingand the desert breaks away to fly all nightdesperately seeking the green it cannot see,a book of a billion fluttering pagescarried on the wind, each square metre teemingwith thousands of voracious lives. I wait,sweating in bed while the cloud rolls onuntilContinue reading “S.C. Flynn: Phase Change”


my neurosurgeontold memy brainis aballofyarn.knitknitknit i don’tknowhow toknit myhippocampus& it’ssecretswhatdoes afencehave incommonw/ ananchor? the needles ora feelingthe emptymirror (they bothcontainsomething) theski maski calldreams Eli Dunham Eli Dunham (they/them/theirs) is a queer, neurodivergent poet living in Sacramento, CA. They earned their BA in English frome Illinois State University in 2014 and then went on to earnContinue reading “Eli Dunham: KNIT ME MY FENCE”