Manuscripts: [1st August 2022 – 30th September 2022]

We aim to publish a small selection of quality books each year, each with a print run of 100. There are no submission guidelines for length, presentation, form, or genre. We celebrate work that has previously faced difficulty in finding a home.

We are currently open to manuscript submissions for our third selection of publications. Please send a PDF of the work alongside an author bio to You may also want to contextualise your work with a short methodology, and list of influences. We recommend taking a look at our previous publications to get an idea of what we are looking for.

We are open to experimentations beyond the form of the codex book.

We will provide 5 author copies. At the discretion of the writer, a £1 ‘author tip’ will be added to book sales on the Osmosis website.

Featured Writing: [open for submissions]

We showcase a writer every Sunday on our featured writing blog. We welcome writers from all disciplines to submit work, and are particularly keen to see pieces which engage with hybridity and experimentation. Please send a PDF of the work alongside an author bio to

Visual, audio-visual, and sound-based work is very welcome.

Collisions Print Series: [open for submissions]

We are open for submissions to our Collisions series. Please send a high quality image (over 300dpi) of visual work, a poem-object, performance/installation documentation, and ephemera to  

Each print will be limited at 25. ‘Collisions’ prints will not typically be for sale – they can be collected from one-off Osmosis workshops, readings, or (occasionally) sent out alongside a purchase from our book store.

3 author copies will be provided.

Reviews, Essays, Interviews: [open for submissions]

We have been asked if Osmosis is open to featuring reviews, essays, and interviews. Our answer is yes! yes! and yes!

Please send over a 100-200 word proposal to We aim to get back in touch within a week.

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