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Pertinent Actions celebrates a paradigm shift in the teaching of creative writing. Royal Holloway’s Poetic Practice program emphasizes materials of production and reproduction, site specificity, invented forms, book making, collective spirit, poetics, and the full possibilities of VVV — visual-vocal-verbal. At the same time, and without missing a beat, there is mind-filling attention to gender, race, environment, and class. The proof, like they say, is in the pudding: the poems performed on the pages of this book are an explosion of imagination, an exuberant display of the possible.’ (Charles Bernstein)

Pertinent Actions is an active collection of work by poets who provide engaged and committed poetry and anticipate a new world. These writers draw their bases from constructed and conceptual art as a necessary attention and get clear purpose from processual and procedural engagements. Many of the poets in Pertinent Actions understand the importance of where humanity is and what it could become. They are aspirational not nostalgic. They are committed to humanity without pressing autobiographical dilemma.

Poetry and music can often tend towards matches of self-regard with lyric subjectivity and promote analogues to natural phenomena. Alternatively, the poetry in Pertinent Actions demonstrates a range of skills in the substance and vitality of the work. This anthology is a celebration of Redell Olsen’s brilliant programme and the group of devoted staff at Royal Holloway, more than that, it is a unique presentation by participants of succinct diligence.’ (Allen Fisher)

Released 18th March 2023
Edition of 200 numbered copies. *
ISBN: 978-1-3999-4751-0

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The Royal Holloway Poetics Research Centre explores both creative practice and critical approaches to contemporary poetry. Interdisciplinary and international in its scope, the centre’s research focuses on the history and contemporary writing of diverse poetic forms and media, from book arts to digital poetics, visual poetry, performance, visual arts, to sound and performance texts. Based in the English Department, the Poetics Research Centre is integral to the dynamic research culture in poetry and poetics at Royal Holloway. Through its Members and Associate Members, it is part of a vibrant ecology of poetic making and criticism across the UK and beyond. 


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