Unearthed: Robin Boothroyd

‘A global, multi-site specific libretto, Unearthed performs archaeology as poetry, ‘the omnipresence / of the present / historical moment’. The past and international timezones exist at once, creating a swirl of narrative pleasures. Yet the shards of text imply the land Boothroydrepresents has been neglected: ‘have you not / mercy / mercy’. It’s hard not to think about belief systems founded on directionality, as if the text is being compromised by rouge qi; as if the ancestors of place are disturbed. Archaeology becomes obituary as these histories press on the present. Unearthed is thrilling and heartfelt to read, and inspiring as it opens endless possibilities for performance.’ (Richard Capener)

Released 31st January 2023
Edition of 100 numbered copies. *
ISBN: 978-1-3999-4360-4

Unearthed: UK copy

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Robin Boothroyd was born in Germany and grew up in England. He edits aswirl, a quarterly poetry zine celebrating brevity. Unearthed is his fourth pamphlet and his favourite word is pebble.


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