Amanda Earl: An excerpt from ‘Beast Body Epic’

don’t go back never go back be miserable crafty
vicious use honey thick words tempt the bitter
& unloved with language to distract them from
this corpse be dead inside accept the mark of
flagellation grovel be penitent grateful

you can die on a footpath
falling on the ice
after a freezing rain
you can die in your car
out in some abandoned field
when your cell phone batteries are defunct
you can choke to death
on an orange slice
bored to death
by a meeting of ass-kissers
you can die of embarrassment
you can die of shame
you can die on purpose or by accident & who the hell knows

I want a wake & mourners singing off key songs
they don’t know the lyrics to until they’re
breathless I want burrs & poison ivy on my
coffin & pallbearers in unmatched clothes I
want an orgy naked lovers climaxing on my
grave & then I want you to burn me spill my
ashes over a nest of firecrackers & light me up

[Amanda Earl is a pansexual polyamorous white cis-gendered woman in her mid-fifties who lives with her husband, Charles in a 19th-floor apartment in Ottawa, the capital of Canada.In 2009, Amanda developed pneumonia, full body sepsis and a toxic mega colon. She wasn’t expected to survive, but here she be. Beast Body Epic is a series of long poems that addresses her near-death health crisis.]

Amanda Earl

Amanda is a poetesse, vizpoet, occasional prose writer, editrix and publisher. Her books are Kiki (Chaudiere Books, 2014), Welcome to Yes (DevilHouse, 2015) and Coming Together Presents Amanda Earl (Coming Together, 2014). She has had over thirty chapbooks published in Canada, UK, USA, and Sweden. Her chapbook, Electric Garden won the Tree Press Chapbook Award in 2017, and her poems have been published in journals both online and in print around the world. 

She’s the managing editor of (est. 2003) and the fallen angel of AngelHousePress (est. 2007). 

Amanda’s goals are love, whimsy, exploration and connection with kindred misfits. You can find her on Twitter @KikiFolle and read more about her here:

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