JD Howse: Extract from ‘Sodomical Practices’

mesh of morning air/ transparent night/ discrete mystery/ how strange, the silence/ Serpentine cease completely/ consoling street; the trees laid out / I love the pictures; time again/ branches lift in mist/ book spread open/ the winter/ so many books/ ailments

JD Howse

JD Howse works across poetry, film, and collage with a particular interest in form and structure. His work thematically deals with hauntology and media, often in tandem with gay history and neurodivergance. He has a BA in English and MA in Creative Writing from Royal Holloway, University of London and works in print production. His poetry and art has recently appeared in Babel Tower Notice Board, Spam, Fruit, Datableed, and Rewilding. He curates PermeableBarrier, an online journal for film art, video poetry, and internet-based writing, and previously organised Theatre of Failure, a night of live experimental writing by LGBT+ poets. 

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