Edwin Evans-Thirlwell: How to impose a solar system

You are reading this in light that left
permanently a voyage along the rending line.
Put this exhibition to one side:
the concept is an intimate cadaver,
suncracked, baffling to staff
given that it seemed the sidewalk to nowhere.
The human brain is tantamount,
of solwy lustre and it leads to proceed in a way
that is comfortable, theeuish, suttle, eloquent –
inviting owner ship to move in content
and bring the problem to heel.
As you climb the stair two columns will reveal
Mariner Jupiter Saturn,
a class of practitioners who abstain
till secondary symptoms make landfall.
Remove from experience the possibility
of seas beneath the upper crust.
Shoot as many as you can before opening the door.

Edwin Evans-Thirlwell

Edwin’s (he/him) projects include verse on videogame architectures, a poetry card deck inspired by NASA’s Gemini missions and a bestiary of extinct and virtual creatures. His work has appeared in Burning House, SHARK PACK, Zoomorphic, Agenda, Antiphon and Brittle Star. He’s based in London and tweets at @dirigiblebill.

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