Caitlin Stobie: Extract from Jealousy Experiment

Green Test
the year I didn’t know you were partnered
cracked an age of iron with silicon light
the geology of our conversations
open like sliced ammonites
well well well?
what’s appening what a well-wishing
asking if you’re doing well! you know...
in your bones? so humerus
Slick as moss, we omitted I from sentences and email threads. We
believed subjectless verbs could still the depths of intimacy. Yet, with
each pastel message, something greener was growing – a puff of algae
fed by water that’s diseased.
Fossil Conclusion

Closer than the heavens or sea, mundane as a membrane, inside you
and me – between all old friends lies the ghost of green.

As the coastline compounds sea
creatures and petrified leaves, we lie
limestone, a record no stylus can repeat.

No more blue pixels, the ticks stay grey, delivered
but never seen. That’s the problem with fossils:
for the longest time
we played believe with what they mean.

Caitlin Stobie

Caitlin Stobie was born in South Africa and lives in the UK. Her writing has appeared in SPAMStreetcake MagazineTears in the FenceTentacularZoomorphic, and elsewhere. She teaches creative writing at Leeds Arts University and is an editorial assistant at Stand. Her debut poetry collection, Thin Slices, is forthcoming with Verve Poetry Press in 2022.  

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