CD Boyland: Smc_Threshold1

Digital collage – asemic writing in pencil and ink on printer paper, scanned and merged with digital elements using Apple ‘Keynote’.

Asemic writing based on text collaged from lines found in “Ninth Street Women” by Mary Gabriel (Pub. Back Bay, 2019); chapter 37, ‘At the Threshold’. The text used was as follows:
I have to be without myself to do something. Moments of nakedness, an unborn soul. When you are really involved with writing or painting, you are someone else, reft of body, hesitating on the pinnacle, exposed without protection, twisting in the wind. You do not exist except as a blast of self-doubt.

CD Boyland

CD Boyland is a poet who lives in Cumbernauld, near Glasgow, Scotland. His first pamphlet, ‘User Stories‘ was published in 2020 by Stewed Rhubarb Press. Other visual work in Beia Bua Journal, Aww-Struck (PoemAtlas online exhibition, opens 21 May 2021), and forthcoming in 3AM Magazine. 

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