The streetcake innovative writing prize is open for submissions until September 20th!

We caught up with streetcake editor, Nikki Dudley, to find out more about the prize, submissions process, and mentoring:

What is the streetcake innovative writing prize? 

streetcake is an online magazine that specialises in experimental/innovative poetry, visual poetry and short fiction. The streetcake innovative writing prize is a free entry prize for UK and EU residents, which recognises writers producing experimental work and offers them development and networking, supported by the Arts Council England. 

What do you want to see? 

We celebrate writing that breaks norms, surprises us, plays with expectations and makes us think. We are passionate about experimental writing and pushing the boundaries. To give you a few ideas, we enjoy concrete writing, visual poetry, hybrid forms, unique imagery, playing with forms and presentation, non-linear writing, intermedia pieces, collage, redacted writing, asemic writing, unconventional ideas and voices. However, this doesn’t mean you have to reinvent the wheel – we also love a strong piece of writing that speaks to us and is well-written, even if it’s not especially experimental.  

What can applicants win? 

We have mentoring from four amazing judges up for grabs – Astra Papachristodoulou, Anita Goveas, Karenjit Sandhu and Jarred McGinnis. First place winners will get six mentoring session with the judges. Second place and Third will also receive mentoring from the streetcake editors. First to Fourth will also receive book bundles and be published in the anthology. We love to support our winners in the long-term and offer a supportive community to help nurture their careers as writers.  

Which mags should we check out before entering? 

Particular faves at the moment are Osmosis Press (of course!), LUMIN journal, Untitled Voices (a new journal for underrepresented writers), Babel Tower Notice Board, The Abandoned Playground, Full House Lit Mag, Poem Atlas (online exhibitions), Fly on the Wall, Selcouth Station, Pamenar, Coven Journal, Beir Bua Journal, to name a few… We follow loads of amazing lit mags on Twitter so do join us on there to see who we share.

How do you submit? 

Read about the prize on our site: and email your entry (with supporting info) to: 

When’s the deadline?  

September 20th 2021 so don’t wait around!

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