Emily J Helen: Why I stopped meditating and started screaming

Something switched within me
like enlightenment.
The avocados weren’t ripe,
I had been laughing for too long,
lips usually lotus flowers
cracked from chewing discontentment.
Writing became gravestone etching:
mourning the dead.
As bitter as burnt jasmine,
three of swords wielded upright,
my mouth chiselled itself
into a machete; I stabbed
the closest hearts in the radius.

Emily J Helen

Emily J Helen is an English Literature student, writer and poet. Appointed as YPL for her county in 2017, she is presently creating and compiling poetry for her first collection. Recently, she was featured as ‘chosen poet’ by Marble Poetry Magazine; her work has also been published in Turnsol Editions’ anthology Florilegium.

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