Can you support ‘streetcake’?

We caught up with Nikki Dudley of streetcake magazine to find out more about the magazine’s Crowdfund campaign:

“Experimental magazine, streetcake has not been given ACE funding for its writing prize this year but we would still love to celebrate experimental/innovative writing with some workshops in the UK and online, plus an anthology of amazing work through an open submission window for international writers.

We will use the funding to:

  • Deliver at least 4 workshops around the UK and online to encourage more people to participate in experimental/innovative writing. We will use some of the funding to pay ourselves or other facilitators fairly for their time (£250 per session for planning and delivery).
  • Produce an anthology of experimental work, which will be open to international submissions. We will use the money for printing and design costs. Each contributor will also receive at least one free copy of the anthology with their work. We will also pay themselves a small amount for all the admin involved but that will only be if possible!

(We anticipate printing costs to be approx £400, including set up. Plus £300-350 for design, and any remaining will be used for admin costs).


If you donate £5, we will add your name to the acknowledgements in the anthology.

If you donate £10, we will add your name to the acknowledgements and send you a cool streetcake postcard of one of the winning pieces from 2021.

If you donate £20, we will do all the above and also send you a copy of the 2022 anthology.

If you donate £40+, we will do all the above and also send you a copy of one of our past anthologies or a surprise poetry book to enjoy.

Trini and Nikki have been running streetcake for 13 years and have published amazing work from worldwide writers, celebrating non-traditional writing of many types. You can view our past issues on the site and see what we publish. We have been an outlet for innovative fiction and poetry and hope to continue to do so!

Between 2019-2021, we ran the streetcake writing prize for innovative writing. This celebrated writers producing exciting writing and delivered mentoring, publication and networking. A lot of these writers have gone on to do amazing work within the genre.

We started streetcake at a time when there were few experimental magazines located within the UK and are proud to be a female-led magazine. Nikki comes from a working class background and we are both passionate about opening up the genre to more diverse writers, which we have tried to do via the magazine issues and prize. We have fundraised for causes such as Booktrust and the war in Ukraine and we want to spread as much positivity as they can in the world.

We would love you to help us spread experimental writing more widely and also be able to produce an amazing anthology of quality work.”

More info about them:

To support their Crowdfund, please visit:

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