Cathleen Allyn Conway: III

She tried to make the disaster-noise of water and wind.
Could be breathable sky. Could be selfish water.

No sonic mass remained in its passage, no sign of sounding.
Worried for nothing. It failed, simply. The sea was a convent.

Who could imagine the man behind the glass?
Like watching tile. Like imploring air.

The sun warmed the panting ghost,
who renounced its house.

Cathleen Allyn Conway

Cathleen Allyn Conway (she/her) is a creative writing research student, Sylvia Plath scholar and Gothicist at Goldsmiths, University of London. She is the author of Static Cling (Dancing Girl Press, 2012), All the Twists of the Tongue (Grey Book Press, 2018), American Ingénue (Broken Sleep Books, 2021) and the full-length collection Bloofer (Broken Sleep Books, 2023). Originally from Chicago, she lives in south London with her partner and son. 

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