Rachel Smith: Breath:e / St(utter)

Graphite and printed letterpress 

These works explore the idea of notating a reading process, using punctuation to: draw attention to the rhythm of breathing; notice the wrongly placed pauses; mark the occurrences of stuttering or stumbling while navigating an unfamiliar text. I am interested in visualising an embodied experience of reading; materialising routes through texts as a neurodiverse queer reader.

Rachel Smith

Rachel Smith completed her Ph.D. at Sheffield Hallam University working across Fine Art and Conceptual Poetics. Her work employs Drawing, Photography and Writing to meander through existing texts, while fragmenting narratives, appropriating text, using association, error, and distraction to visualise how sense might be sought, rejected, and re-fused. Her artists book read(writ)ing words was published by Penteract Press in 2020. Her latest book Promise the Infinite: Drawing out Babel a collection of asemic poetry drawings is also published by Penteract Press. 

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