Sarah Wallis: Cauliflower Dreamin’

O to exchange this brocade of cream bubbled brain and dank chartreuse skirt, for a
bubble gum-pink bonnet, breeze-rippling petticoat…

I’ve seen troupes of peonies dancing the cancan, kicks and giggles, but being me, a
heavy old bucket, the cares of the kitchen calling – how could I escape to the flower-
dreamers lush, voluptuous waltz?

But… how daring and new, this thinking, like the last days of Cinderella – but for
want of a wand, fairy godmother, coach and two; my bubblehead brain swapped for a
dash of damask in pink, or a nodding dreamin’ a shade of deep lavender blue?

A bright pink cauliflower surrounded by green leaves.

Sarah Wallis

Sarah Wallis lives by the sea and is based on the East Coast of Scotland, since moving from Yorkshire three years ago. She publishes cross genre, poetry, fiction and for the stage. Highlights include a poem published in The Yorkshire Poetry Anthology, two poems in the Ways to Peace Anthology for the United Nations Day of Peace 2019 and the staging of her plays The Rain King and Laridae. It is through staging her own work that she started making experimental visual art, posters for marketing, and designing the cover of her chapbook with Dancing Girl Press. Other chapbooks include Medusa Retold, Precious Mettle and How to Love the Hat Thrower.

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