The urgency of Comic Timing: Michael Black

A Review of Holly Pester’s Comic Timing Michael Black is finishing a PhD at the University of Glasgow, on Virginia Woolf and William Blake. His work in progress writing is most easily accessible online via the poetry journal and forum, Adjacent Pineapple. He was included in an anthology edited by Colin Herd, made for the centenaryContinue reading “The urgency of Comic Timing: Michael Black”

Mark Goodwin: Mad Vandal’s Dry April Ramble

Teach rotting five-bar gates to walk; to pulltheir broken plank-bones from long grass-strands. Thump the compactedground of paths with blistered balls of bare feet. Cut wrinkled fertiliser bags, foundin crisp ditch-bottoms, into strips to dressthe desiccated carcass of a badger asan angel of the dry daze. Claw flints with bleeding fingernails to proveblood’s runnier thanContinue reading “Mark Goodwin: Mad Vandal’s Dry April Ramble”

Amanda Earl: An excerpt from ‘Beast Body Epic’

don’t go back never go back be miserable craftyvicious use honey thick words tempt the bitter& unloved with language to distract them fromthis corpse be dead inside accept the mark offlagellation grovel be penitent grateful you can die on a footpathfalling on the iceafter a freezing rainyou can die in your carout in some abandonedContinue reading “Amanda Earl: An excerpt from ‘Beast Body Epic’”