Sarah Cave: extracts from Read the Red

‘Who gave me language?’ asks Alice. Cookie Monster Nietzsche shrugs carries on eating cookies. Elmo Tolstoy begins: ‘Early maps of Alicia denote creative process seenthrough the gap between shirt buttonsand noted as responses to marginalia, impressionist taprootsshredded by arrows, doodles, hoes becoming lecturers’notes, prose fragments, spiralling patterns and haphazardfootnotes.’ ‘I am what I’d call a practisingContinue reading “Sarah Cave: extracts from Read the Red”

J. R. Carpenter: the trees

for Christine Stewart starting. to do some thinking.about trees. and the light they inhabit. the corners they round. the hills they climb.the ridges they crest. the winds they break. and the way. some are for display.and some are for hiding behind. thinking. also. about trees.and their doubling. shadow trees. wall trees.water trees. trees of pureContinue reading “J. R. Carpenter: the trees”