Ryan Ormonde: After page 34 of ‘simmering of a declarative void’ by Robert Kiely

Rob gave me old horses housed for nothing
I know nothing of horses
Nowhere near as much as the good gambler

The unused ale will go to feed them
If I have that right, or the dry components
Store houses of meal or mammal await the results

Then Rob has it broken for nothing
Housed for nothing, broken for nothing
and the third line has itself in two parts

sun and core, a grid of zoom with owl faces and
apples sliced in half, the apple-half faces of
owls with pips for eyes

Ryan Ormonde

Ryan Ormonde (he/him) is a queer poet from London of Irish and Danish descent. Ryan has¬†contributed poems to SPAM magazine’s first online issue, collaborated on a film poem with poet Karen Sandhu for Magma and made the short film Public Figure with director/producer/editor Madalina Zaharia. Ryan is a contributing artist to Impermanence Dance’s forthcoming Decade project. Instagram: @ryanopoet

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