Mark Valentine: Sea/Jetty (Variations for Sidney Hunt 1)

Note on the text:
Sidney Hunt (1896-1940) is a mostly forgotten queer/gay avant-garde poet artist and poet  working in interwar London. He wrote arguably the first ever concrete poetry in the UK,  mostly for European modernist magazines such as Der Sturm (Berlin), transition (Paris), De  Stilj (Amsterdam) and Contimporanul (Bucharest). I rediscovered pieces by him in  Contimporanul from 1926-7, including ‘Sea on Jetty’.  Sea/Jetty is a ‘variation’ on this work. Sidney Hunt himself used found text and re-visioned  versions, so this acts as a tribute both to his work and his practice.

Mark Valentine

Mark Valentine is interested in bungalow visionaries, bedsit occultists, back-street brooders, bus station café poets, top floor troubadours, chip shop radicals, quayside soothsayers, semi-detached flying-saucerists, reading-room ruminators, rucksack ley-hunters, apocalypticks in creepered villas, terraced house neo-kabbalists, tower block zaum-niks, seekers of zodiacs, cliff-edge samphire-gatherers, and allied trades.

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