Pragya Suman: Red Poppies of Vincent

Auvers is red and red, as red poppies are seekers of infinite sleep and petals are still in closed fist. A master stroke of impressionist splutters the infinite cerulean sky. One day petals would kiss a painter’s brush.
When Vincent’s fingers tighten, poppie’s petals look lax.
Look, green yews are gazing, the revelation is standing at the door.

Pragya Suman

Dr Pragya Suman is a doctor by profession and an award winning author from India. She is posted now as Senior Resident in Shri krishna Medical College, Muzaffarpur, Bihar, India. Writing is her passion which she inherited from her father.  She also writes short stories and reviews which have been published in many magazines and anthologies.
Recently she won the Gideon poetry award for her debut book Lost Mother. Dr Pragya Suman is Editor in Chief, Arc Magazine, India.

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