Daniel Pounds: Plato’s Table

Philosophy is nostalgia.
All courses have been terminated.
Plato’s table is available
in two sizes in a grey oak veneer.
Dimensions L116cm x D116cm x H32cm

Daniel Pounds

Dan Pounds (he/him) is a working class writer hoping to get a first pamphlet out in the world. He achieved BA (Hons) English & American Lit. at UEA and MA Information & Library Studies at Aberystwyth Uni. If he’s not watching old Kaurismaki films (deadpan but moving tales of Finnish working class life) he’s probably down the pub. His work has featured / is forthcoming in Coven (Issues 1 and 3), Babel Tower Notice Board, Beir Bua, Rejection Letters & Selcouth Station. He works part-time in a library.  https://artdanpounds.wordpress.com

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