Roy Duffield: touch typing speed test

Roy Duffield

Roy Duffield is the art editor over at Anti-Heroin Chic and a winner of the Robert Allen Micropoem Contest (2021). He somehow managed to con a first in creative writing out of Bath Spa University, and has even had the gall to return to the scene of the crime, this time in the skin of lecturer. He was honoured to be chosen to perform at the annual Beat Poetry Festival in Barcelona, alongside some of the contemporary Spanish performance poets he most admires, and his poems are known to hang about in the likes of The London Reader, creatures, The Journal of Wild Culture, Harpy Hybrid ReviewInto the Void (Saboteur Best Magazine, 2017 & 2018), The Dawntreader (Indigo Dreams, Ted Slade Award for Services to Poetry) and the world’s oldest and most prestigious publication: Instagram (@drinking_traveller).

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