Iain Britton: Hung Up

hung up by threads of luminous particles these eyes fossilised in rock
transfix the visitor to the jawline of a hill – yet no church sings no choir praises
i turn to a coded farewell practice that you should react to the wind’s howling
its free-spiritedness where once i called your daughter to live in the same paddock
same house under a hunched-up hieroglyphic god counting backwards the days
the years to a bustling summer of permissiveness & youth

Iain Britton

Iain Britton is an Aotearoa New Zealand poet and author of several poetry collections. His work has been nominated for a Forward Prize for Best Single Poem and Best First Collection. Work has been published or is forthcoming in Harvard Review, Poetry Magazine, The New York Times, Poet Lore, Wild Court, Molly Bloom, New Humanist, The Scores Journal, Stand, Agenda, Dreich, New Statesman, Prototype, The Fortnightly Review, Poetry Birmingham and Poetry Wales. THE INTAGLIO POEMS was published by Hesterglock Press (UK) 2017.

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