Wendy Allen: Unreliable Narration in Prague

Did we split up in Prague? We spent a night in that weird hotel
do you remember?

where our room, and the hotel gym,
were accessed by funicular,

and you knew I didn’t like heights and the smell
of the incline made me swallow bile and
you told me you’d fucked R the night I said
I wanted a baby and didn’t want to wait
until you were divorced from your first wife.

Didn’t we break up that time we went to Rick Stein?
I’d wanted to go to Padstow, I prefer it to Rock,

and I was just about to eat hake with pardina lentils
and you said you couldn’t forgive me
for falling asleep in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

and is this a repeat of Lisbon when
we couldn’t agree if there was a time change or not,

and we argued

and time became irrelevant

Wendy Allen

Wendy Allen has been published in Poetry Wales, Ambit and Aesthetica, and has work forthcoming in The North, Banshee and The Moth. Her Legitimate Snack, The Tricolore Textbook, was published by Broken Sleep in 2021, and her pamphlet, Plastic Tubed Little Bird, is due to be published in May 2023 by Broken Sleep. She is currently editing an anthology of erotic poetry with Dr Charley Barnes for Victorina Press.

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