Piero Toto: Trade Lite

the 55 to Clerkenwell
bears bodies I don’t need
crouching at the back
they ask why sad, cherie?
you love me like Diana Ross
on summits I can’t reach
at Xmas here I swap
a crown for tortoise dust
while queens dance
& vogue asking~?
the lights crawl back up
to whisper turn around
let’s walk me back
goodnight I type
blue ticks
remember me today
my mother slumped
in dreams
plastic               wakes

*first published in Queerlings, Issue 2 (February 2021) as part of ‘House Trilogy & The Life of Others’

Piero Toto

Piero Toto (he/him) is a London-based bilingual poet, Italian translator and translation lecturer at London Metropolitan University (UK). His poems in English have appeared in fourteen poemsQueerlings and harana poetry amongst other publications, and are forthcoming with Muswell Press; his debut Italian poetry pamphlet, tempo 4/4 (Transeuropa Edizioni, 2021), was longlisted in the International Mario Luzi Poetry Prize 2021. Twitter/Instagram: @pierototoUK.

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