Jinny Fisher: How to Get to Carnegie Hall: Violin Version

Jinny Fisher Jinny Fisher lives in Glastonbury and is a member of Wells Fountain Poets. Print and online appearances include Lighthouse, The Interpreter’s House, Under the Radar, Domestic Cherry, Tears in the Fence, Prole, and Ink, Sweat & Tears. Her poems have been commended and placed in national and international competitions, including as runner-up inContinue reading “Jinny Fisher: How to Get to Carnegie Hall: Violin Version”

Bethany Mitchell: Hide

Stillness in the reedbed, still—the unseen heron’s-kin. The stealthy bill; thesilent wading. Secretive on water’s edge. No buff, broad body, no bowedwings on the bush-border ledge. Such bitterness—but then: wind blown over glass-bottle neck: bull of the bog’s booming call. Butea + taurus: hawk-bull: butorius, Botaurus. Low—slow—breeze bitten five kilometres away.The bullish call of theContinue reading “Bethany Mitchell: Hide”

Iain Britton: Hung Up

hung up by threads of luminous particles these eyes fossilised in rocktransfix the visitor to the jawline of a hill – yet no church sings no choir praisesi turn to a coded farewell practice that you should react to the wind’s howlingits free-spiritedness where once i called your daughter to live in the same paddocksameContinue reading “Iain Britton: Hung Up”

Roy Duffield: touch typing speed test

Roy Duffield Roy Duffield is the art editor over at Anti-Heroin Chic and a winner of the Robert Allen Micropoem Contest (2021). He somehow managed to con a first in creative writing out of Bath Spa University, and has even had the gall to return to the scene of the crime, this time in the skin ofContinue reading “Roy Duffield: touch typing speed test”

Alicia Byrne Keane: Too late in the year for winter-gods

Alicia Byrne Keane Alicia Byrne Keane is a final year PhD student from Dublin, Ireland. Alicia has a first class honours degree in English Literature and French from Trinity College Dublin and a MSt. in English Literature 1900-Present from Oxford University, and is currently finishing an Irish Research Council-funded PhD study that problematizes ‘vagueness’ andContinue reading “Alicia Byrne Keane: Too late in the year for winter-gods”

Alex McKeown: Gert

Alex McKeown Alex McKeown is an Australian poet, translator, playwright and software engineer. His work has appeared in Australian outlets such as The Canberra Times, Southerly, Cordite and Island, and overseas with The Pi Review, Black Scat Review, Blue Unicorn, and Penteract Press. A selection of his published poems and translations can be read on his website, alexmckeownpoetry.com

Nikki Dudley: What You Cannot See

Nikki Dudley Nikki is managing editor of streetcake magazine and also runs the streetcake writing prize and MumWrite. She has a chapbook and collection with KFS. Her pamphlet ‘I’d better let you go’ is out with Beir Bua Press. She is the winner of the Virginia Prize 2020 and her second novel, Volta was publishedContinue reading “Nikki Dudley: What You Cannot See”