Michelle Dyrness: extract from Night for Day

Michelle Dyrness

Michelle Lynn Dyrness’ work as a visual artist explores methods using accident, intuition and the suggestive revealed in the unexpected. She has exhibited extensively, and is a frequent collaborator across disciplines, exploring the ways image and language inform one another. Recent publications include Square Confits (Overground Underground, 2022), individual imprints from So Went the Hour in its Makeshift Dress (The Blasted Tree, 2022), and a collaborative work with Tristan Foster, Midnight Grotesques, is forthcoming in 2023 (Sublunary Editions). You can find more of her work at http://www.michellelynndyrness.com.

methods and influences:
The Accordian book Night for Day combines typewritten text with mixed media collage.
Created using the automatic method of writing, the text ruminates on themes of sanity and survival in a tenuous world of inequities and inequalities. Words and images coalesce with their own unpremeditated logic. The work is created in much the same manner as surrealist automatism. Indirect influences include Andre Breton’s Mad Love (and his use of imagery to both illuminate and inspire the writing). Fragmentary and suggestive words and images invoke a subjective, imaginative response.

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