Mark Valentine: Sea/Jetty (Variations for Sidney Hunt 1)

Note on the text: Sidney Hunt (1896-1940) is a mostly forgotten queer/gay avant-garde poet artist and poet  working in interwar London. He wrote arguably the first ever concrete poetry in the UK,  mostly for European modernist magazines such as Der Sturm (Berlin), transition (Paris), De  Stilj (Amsterdam) and Contimporanul (Bucharest). I rediscovered pieces by himContinue reading “Mark Valentine: Sea/Jetty (Variations for Sidney Hunt 1)”

Ryan Ormonde: After page 34 of ‘simmering of a declarative void’ by Robert Kiely

Rob gave me old horses housed for nothingI know nothing of horsesNowhere near as much as the good gambler The unused ale will go to feed themIf I have that right, or the dry componentsStore houses of meal or mammal await the results Then Rob has it broken for nothingHoused for nothing, broken for nothingandContinue reading “Ryan Ormonde: After page 34 of ‘simmering of a declarative void’ by Robert Kiely”

Scott Lilley: Peeling Back

We’ve clambered back down the Grindle,finding our way out of these warrens,you stamp an empty coke can halfwayinto the mud and mulch of the mynd; and if the can is buried into the mynd’s sulciand if the can becomes part of the myndand if the can stagnates, it decomposesand if the can decomposes, it solutesContinue reading “Scott Lilley: Peeling Back”

Stuart McPherson: All of me

Stuart McPherson Stuart McPherson is a poet from Leicester in the United Kingdom. His work has appeared in numerous online journals and anthologies, including Beir Bua Journal, After the Pause and Selcouth Station. His debut pamphlet Water Bearer will be published in December 2021 by Broken Sleep Books and Pale Mnemonic is forthcoming from Legitimate Snack.

E.P Jenkins: Arachne

E.P Jenkins E.P is a poet and artist based in Kent, a recent graduate of Royal Holloway’s Poetic Practice MA and a founding member of the Crested Tit Collective. E.P’s work can be found in Streetcake Magazine, the anthology Harpies (2018), Rewilding: An Ecopoetic Anthology (2020) and her debut collection Rituals will be published with Broken Sleep Books (2022). She is aContinue reading “E.P Jenkins: Arachne”

Cultural Memory and/as Collaboration: Saskia McCracken

A Review of Second Memory by Pratyusha and Alycia Pirmohamed Saskia McCracken is a writer and editorial advisor at Osmosis Press. She is completing her doctoral research, on Virginia Woolf’s Darwinian animal tropes, at the University of Glasgow. She is interested in environmental and generically unstable writing. Saskia’s debut pamphlet, Imperative Utopia, is published byContinue reading “Cultural Memory and/as Collaboration: Saskia McCracken”

Aaron Kent: Hibernation Guide

Father, I had a dream, you dug eight holes, added children and funeral lamps for Bird  music. A narration lasted   an orchestral score through an award season. Changes  in nature were determined  by developers of air   conditioning systems: the dead  were trapped in the snow.  We had no choice but to wait-and-be-great fathers.  I’ve always known the Snow Lazarus’  sanctum as its sadness: light sources  inContinue reading “Aaron Kent: Hibernation Guide”

Edwin Evans-Thirlwell: How to impose a solar system

You are reading this in light that leftpermanently a voyage along the rending line.Put this exhibition to one side:the concept is an intimate cadaver,suncracked, baffling to staffgiven that it seemed the sidewalk to nowhere.The human brain is tantamount,of solwy lustre and it leads to proceed in a waythat is comfortable, theeuish, suttle, eloquent –inviting ownerContinue reading “Edwin Evans-Thirlwell: How to impose a solar system”

James Knight: la mer

James Knight James Knight is an experimental poet and digital artist. His books include Void Voices (Hesterglock Press), Self Portrait by Night (Sampson Low), Chimera (Penteract Press) and Machine (Trickhouse Press). He edits Steel Incisors, a new press devoted to visual poetry. Website: Twitter: